Lupuna Ayahuasca

 Spiritual Healing Center

Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru, Iquitos

6 day retreat, Mon - Sat USD 890

4-5 ayahuasca ceremonies

Transport from hotel to our center, all meals included

One person cabins with a shower, flushing toilet

Max. 10 people in the ceremony for more personal approach

Safe jungle environment - the best setting for healing. 

Master Shaman Nilton Torres Bardales - ayahuasquero

Master Shaman Jauriman García Torres regularly runs ceremonies - ayahuasquero

Shaman Kev, from Australia and Katerina are present at ceremonies, also Roberto English/Spanish speaking staff 


flight to Iquitos, check:  

Ceremonial House


Perfect Environment


Beautiful green Amazon jungle in Peru is necessary for enhancing your ayahuasca experience. This is the traditional setting.

Experienced Shaman


Master shaman who is a strong true ayahuasquero will do his best to guide you safely through ceremonies

Comfortable Accommodation


Your own private cabin with a shower, toilet, running water - we are the only retreat that offers this comfort. It is perfect for you to relax and reflect on your experience listening to the sounds of nature.

Ayahuasca Diet


All food that is prepared for you is specially designed to give you maximum results with the medicine.

Lupuna - Sacred Tree


Our sacred Lupuna tree, one of two in the Iquitos jungle, is worshipped by the local people.

Loving Ceremonies


We pride ourselves on our ayahuasca healing caring ceremonies. Full commitment to love and healing to every one inidividually.



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Kat and Kev


+420 736 606 731 Katerina

+61 422 577 330 Kevin
English, Spanish, Czech, French

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