Ayahuasca Retreats in genuine Peruvian Amazon with 3 dedicated Ayahuasca shamans supported by the powerful ancient teachings of ayahuasca tradition

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Lupuna Ayahuasca Center has as its core mission to guide you through authentic ayahuasca ceremonies in the right set and setting with focus on your safety, reconnecting you to your true beautiful self, removing negative energies, help with understanding your true purpose, find your path to happiness, find the cause of your emotional / physical ailments and dissolving it through high vibration emotions of forgiveness, love, gratitude hence heal your soul and realign you with your essence.

We are a healing center, we focus on healing.

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Lupuna Ayahuasca Center shares with you the ancient wisdom of traditional Amazonian shamans specializing in ayahuasca medicine for over 20 years with over thousand ceremonies safely performed. Ayahuasquero is a shaman predominantly working with ayahuasca with the help of the plant spirits, who makes sure that the ayahuasca ceremonies are safe. It is tough to become an ayahuasquero, it is a long often painful journey full of sacrifice as there are a lot of tests, series of plant diets (some are months long, in isolation in the jungle) to connect to the plant spirits of the jungle. The shamans drink ayahuasca  with you every ceremony so they can connect to you and see everything on the spiritual & energy level that is happening during the ceremony. Our shamans cook ayahuasca the traditional way here on site. Also they work with rapé, kambo, San Pedro, Chiric Sanango and many other medicinal plants that we have here in our center.



The jungle environment is the traditional genuine ayahuasca setting. It is confirmed by our guests who did ayahuasca in cities or other places in Peru, jungle does provide the most powerful experience. The spirits of the jungle plants are all called upon by the shamans and come to help protect your spirit and heal.

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We focus on healing therefore we have max. of 10 participants. Our medicine is very strong as we always cook ourselves in the center.

Our ayahuasca retreats are of 4 types: 8 days/5 ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 kambo, for those who don’t want to spend more time in the jungle yet they have maximum number of ceremonies possible, Sanango is possible but only 2x ayahuasca.

11 days / 7 ayahuasca ceremonies / you can also do sanango diet but only 4 aya / 1 kambo. All ceremonies and treatments are included but optional. The Master Shamans do their healing on each person individually during the day, if necessary.

24 days / up to 12 ayahuasca / sanango diet / 1 kambo - in depth healing.

5 days / 3 ayahasca ceremonies / 1 kambo.

Our flower bath helps cleaning negative energies and make your ayahuasca ceremony stronger. Throughout the whole stay we talk about the experience, healing, healthy nutrition, how to incorporate your transformation into your daily life after your return home. We include other alternative methods of healing as well. Trips to see&hold sloths, anacondas, monkeys / our Lupuna tree in the jungle / see a jaguar, macaws, butterflies are included, trips to the jungle with an experienced guide.

Our team of dedicated loving staff is available at all times. We specially focus on your safety - starting with easy access to our center, elevated walkways throughout the center, drinking pure rain water or bottled, well protected ceremonies by the shamans, first aid officer on site, 24/7 access to excellent hospitals 45 minutes away, regular approved fumigation, we don’t have problems with mosquitoes or other jungle creatures. We haven’t had a single case of health complications.

We are located next to a small quiet village. 

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3 powerful shamans lead the ceremonies, including Kev from Australia, 1-2 facilitators (Rob, Katerina) speaking English/Spanish not taking ayahuasca. There are maximum 10 participants in the ceremony, which allows the shamans to dedicate more of their time with one on one. The ceremonial house Maloka is connected to 3 toilets and 3 showers by a short hallway for your convenience. The ceremony lasts approximately 4 hours, on the first night you will receive only a little medicine to see how it works with you. People respond differently to the amounts of ayahuasca so we ease you into it. Our medicine is strong, usually half a shot glass is enough. Before you take the medicine, the ayahuasca is blessed by the Master Shamans to provid maximum experience.



On the day after the ceremony you will participate in a group meeting to discuss your experience and get explanations. One on one is possible in case you don’t like to share your personal issues. Our experienced therapist will help you understand what is going on on the emotional and physical level and can prevent confusion. Everything happens for a reason, there are no coincidences. The healing happens not only during the ceremonies. After you get back home we still keep in touch.


Lupuna Ayahuasca Center is unique as to its accommodation. There is no sharing cabins, you will have your own spacious timber cabin with a modern beautiful bathroom with running water, comfortable beds. Ayahuasca is tough on your body, you may feel tired, you may purge a lot, you want to relax and meditate by yourself therefore you don’t share bathrooms or cabins with anyone else. That immensely helps on your ayahuasca journey. 









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