Katerina Townes (Czechia)

Therapist, integration specialist, translator, facilitator, co-ordinator, nutrition specialist, healer: QHHT, BQH, Quantum Touch

Julio Siri Rodrigez (Peru)

Master Shaman for 40 years

Jauriman García Torres.JPG

Jauriman García Torres (Peru)

Master Shaman 20 years


Kevin Townes (Australia)



Roberto (Peru)

Facilitator, translator, guide


Wilfredo (Peru)

Caretaker, security


Dario (Peru)

Caretaker, maintenance

email: info@lupunaretreat.com

Local Time: the same as New York

Centro Ayahuasca Lupuna is located on 44 hectars of private property, 30 minutes by boat from Iquitos, Peru.

To Iquitos you will get through Lima International Airport (airtickets directly to Iquitos).

You will be picked up from the Hotel Hilton Double Tree on the day of the start of the retreat at about 10 am., on the last day you will be taken to the same place at 10 am. You can stay at any hotel and just meet us in this one.

It takes about 45 min - 1 h to get to our center (mototaxi, boat, walk).


From Iquitos airport it takes about 20 minutes by moto taxi, 15 soles fixed price to most of Iquitos. If they charge more, they rip you off. Don't buy anything from hasslers in streets, they all rip you off. 

1 Peruvian Sol = 3,3 USD and 2,4 AUD

There are ATMs everywhere, mototaxis need small coins, hotels and restaurants accept credit cards. Shops want cash, supermarket and pharmacies also cards.

In our opinion Iquitos is very safe. Food is surprisingly safe, bottled water, too. Just be careful at the Belen market, as everywhere in the world in crowded place. 


The best hotel in Iquitos is Hilton Double Tree at Plaza de Armas (center), $ 110 / night. After the journey you will be tired, in Hilton everything is perfect and you will rest here well. You can pick any hotel, around Plaza de Armas is the best option as it's the center and you will find restaurants around. 


In Iquitos you will move around by mototaxis, they are very cheap and reliable, however, some may charge too much as you are a foreigner. There are a lot of people who prey on tourists and sell overpriced items, especially around Plaza de Armas and the river.

There are good restaurants around Plaza de Armas, with Ayahuasca Menu: Yellow Rose of Texas, Karma Cafe, Pizzeria Antiqua (no ayahuasca). We love chicken place at Plaze de Armas, the biggest roast chicken, mixed salad - if you order withouth lime, it will be ayahuasca diet (not the chicken).



From Europe fastest is through Paris or Amsterdam. You always go through Lima, which is busy, they are upgrading the airport and possible you don't need to recheck in now - they will tell you if you need to or not. If so, go to the counter of the airline immediately, if you have little time, ask to jump the line, Peruvians are very kind and undestanding.


Centro Ayahuasca Lupuna, SCRL

Callao 151

Iquitos, Peru

RUC: 20603273231