You won't be allowed to take ayahuasca if: you are pregnant, have epilepsy, autism, have had heart surgery, ​you need to be off prescribed mood altering or psychotropic medication 2-3 weeks before (consult your doctor). Please, email us, with what medication you are on, dosage, how long, or what kind of mental disorder you suffer from. We believe there is always a solution. Have faith!

Ayahuasca Retreats

  • 8 days, 5 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 Kambo

      $ 1,460 (you can do sanango and 2 ayahuasca, San Pedro:


  • 11 days, 7 Ayahuasca ceremonies, 1 Kambo, you can do Chiric Sanango diet (but only 4 ayahuasca), San Pedro +$90

       $ 2,190

  • 24 days, up to 12 Ayahuasca, Sanango diet, 1 Kambo, alternataive methods of healing, San Pedro +$90

     $ 4,440

  • 5 days, 3 Ayahuasca, 1 Kambo

     $ 920

  • all kambo, sanango, ayahuasca are optional but included in the price in all retreats, you can do other plant diets in our center

  • all meals - ayahuasca diet

  • transport from hotel Hilton Double Tree in Iquitos to the center and back

  • comfortable jungle accommodation, single cabin with a shower, toilet, wash basin, mosquito screens and net

  • small number of people at ceremonies - max. 10

  • highly experienced Master Shamans and facilitators

  • flights not included - you fly to IQUITOS


You can make a Deposit payment: 50%, remaining 50% must be paid at latest 6 weeks before the start.

100% refund: 8 weeks before the start, then you can only change the dates once within a year of purchase or transfer to someone else.


  • Online card payment below, wait a sec for the payment button to load. No need for PayPal account!

  • Use this online payment link: PayPal.Me/lupunaayahuasca, enter the amount in USD, dates (add a note), your name. 

  • Email us and we send credit card payment request through PayPal.

Dates & Online Payments, in USD

If you have any health conditions or you take any medications please email us at before payment.

Antidepressant and similar medication cannot be taken during the stay in our retreat as well as alcohol, recreational drugs incl. marijuana. Any person found with the above mentioned substance will be removed from the center without refund. Thank you for your understanding, we care about your safety.

Some health conditions and meds make it unsafe to participate in ayahuasca ceremonies - antidepressants.

(our time zone is the same as New York)

you can do 5 days in longer retreats with start date matchig the longer stay.

Flights: arrival 1 day before - book a hotel, departure: on the day of the end in the afternoon (12 pm earliest).


11 days

7 Ayahuasca

(Chiric Sanango)

(1 Kambo )

$ 2,190

8 days

5 Ayahuasca

(1 Kambo)

$ 1,460

5 - 15 August

Wednesday - Saturday

19 - 29 August

Wednesday - Saturday

5 - 12 August

Wednesday - Wednesday

19 - 26 August

Wednesday - Wednesday

5 days

24 days

max 12 Ayahuasca

Chiric Sanango

(1 Kambo

alternative methods of healing

$ 4,440

3 Ayahuasca

(1 Kambo)

$ 920

Peru airports have been closed internationally and domestically since the beginning of March. We don't know when it will be possible to travel safely again. Till then our center remains closed. 

4 nights / 5 days - start date any date of the above 8 or 11 day retreat.

whatsapp / email us for a payment link