Kambo is a ritual with venom from a tree frog - Giant Monkey Frog - that is found in the Amazon. It's purpose is to deep cleanse and cure the body, give strength. Our Maestro has been administering this for many years. This medicine has been traditionaly used by indigenous tribes.

The shaman collects the secretion from the frog. It works on the physical body and the soul. Kambo is understood as a spirit that provides the healig. The shamans treat the frog with respect and don't harm it (harming would produce negative emotions in the frog hence no healing). After the extraction the shaman releases the frog.

The venom is applied to a superficial wound on the skin made by a burned stick, the venom is placed over the burn, it looks like a small dot on the skin (arms or legs). There are 3 - 4 dots. Then it is quickly absorbed and within few minutes the body responds with increased heart rate, sweating, dizziness, nausea, even vomitting. It lasts about 10 minutes. There is no psychoactive effect.



San Pedro (cactus) is used for a ceremony during the day. It's been used by the Amazon tribes for thousands of years, just like ayahuasca. It contains a psychoactive substance - mescaline.

San Pedro has been traditionally done in the mountain region whereas in the jungle it is ayahuasca. San Pedro provides the connection to the nature, it lasts all day. It does not have the same effects as ayahuasca. You can experience San Pedro in the center if you are interested.

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