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Ayahuasca - The Last Resort

Very often ayahuasca is understood as the last resort. I suggest you make it the first resort.

You reach a point in your life and you don’t know how to move forward. First, you try to solve the situation with some sort of relief, you try alcohol, drugs, antidepressants, anything that you believe could make your life easier, more tolarable, at least for a while. That while, however, may extend over years. You think about suicide. Your life is still the same, you just have been consuming stuff that makes you feel better and tells that voice inside to shut up, everything is alright. But it isn’t. That voice - your soul - is calling for the real solution. Obviously, you don’t know what that is, otherwise you would be doing it.

Meanwhile, your solution is taking its toll and you feel it’s getting worse…

What you need to do is connect to your heart - your soul. Easier said than done. You made it quiet with antidepressants or drugs. Some people get addicted to sports and that’s their trick to make the soul be quiet. Under normal circumstances you could sort of meditate and get your answers. Even if you could meditate, you need to believe in the answers, which is hard as you can’t tell the difference between your own thoughts (brain) and your intuition (soul/heart speaking). For most people it doesn’t lead anywhere and it’s just boring.

You find yourself in vicious circle, you can’t stop medication or drugs, as you are addicted already, if you can stop, the depression or that unsolved issue or trauma becomes very alive again. You have seen dozen psychologists and psychiatrists, tried everything possible and impossible, alternative treatment, nothing works.

Then you keep searching for answers and solutions and come across ayahuasca. It is portrayed as life saving or scary or my-friend-went-crazy, it kills people etc. What is the truth? You get scared.

Well, your life is a mess already isn’t it worth trying the unknown, what if it works and you finally find happiness? What is the worst that can happen?

This is the point where a lot of people decide to do ayahuasca, as the last resort, when everything else fails. After years of not getting anywhere.

We suggest you skip these years and start with ayahuasca. Even if you just need some guidance, about relationships, job, health. The beauty of ayahuasca is that it provides unique experience to each individual, by experience I mean advice, instructions even, it shows you what you should learn, who to forgive, how to forgive, it doesn’t judge you, it loves you and you feel that love. You may be wondering how come a plant can do all this. The medicine just provides connection to what you need to connect to - your expanded awareness, your higher self, the spirit of ayahuasca or other plant spirits, it doesn’t actually matter, you will feel that you are being told and shown the truth so that your life can get better. It’s undeniable.

If there was something else so effective, so powerful, healing, truthful, I would be happy to recommend that so you don’t have to fly half the world to the jungle, to Peru. But there isn’t. When I said last resort, we get people here who have tried marijuana, LSD, psyllocibin, other drugs and meds, ayahuasca in Ibiza or New York, meditation techniques, breathing techniques, they have read many books on spirituality and awakening, they know the theory but it’s ayahuasca that gives them exactly what they need to be happy.

Don’t waste your time searching, make ayahuasca the first resort.



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