Blessing the drugs?

In this video the Master Shaman Nilton is giving his blessings to ayahuasca, the spiritual medicine. Ayahuasca is always done during a proper shamanic ceremony, in the Amazonian jungle. The songs are called icaros, the shaman calls good spirits to be present, it's like singing his intentions, which is no evil during the ceremony, healing people, bringing love. All his intentions are in the ayahuasca medicine and then it's given to the participants of the ceremony. We have strong medicine so it's only half a cup usually and it's very strong. Half a cup is about 50 ml, even less. We didn't really measure it. The icaros is very important - it's the strong intention coming from the heart. The icaros our Master Shaman sings come from the ancient Peruvian tradition and make the ceremony very safe.

Now, the western world classifies ayahuasca as drug. Have you ever seen a shaman bless drugs? Have you ever sung to drugs with the intention to bring you healing and love? Have you sung to cocain or heroin or other drugs? I don't thinkgs. That's because drugs don't bring healing and you know it. Ayahuasca does bring healing, just the western society chooses to be blind, more precisely chooses to be sick and chooses pharmaceutical companies to sell their poison called "medicine" to people while true medicine is forbidden.


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