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Is ayahuasca for you?

Ayahuasca never fails you, once you go through the ceremonies, you will remain connect. It has one catch - you must really want your healing or your connection, the more you are desperate for healing the more you will get. It happens that people do ayahuasca because someone else wanted them to - a man brings his spouse because she suffers from depression, she is not at the stage where she desperately wants to get better. She wants to get better but not that much. In that case chances are that her life won’t change much. It still can, she will receive the message and it will be up to her to follow it or not.

If you can identify with one of these, ayahuasca is for you:

you have suffered from depression, anxiety, have suicidal thoughts or have tried it already, and nothing works for youyou suffer from PTSDyou haven’t felt happiness for a long time, you can’t find joy in your lifeyou are addicted to drugs or alcohol or otheryou are aware that you have big ego and you would like to do something about it but don’t know howyou simply want to find the right path for you - your purposeyou want to know what to doyou want the connection to your higher self / your spiritual guides / your star family / god/source / or make your intuition strongeryou want to know the truth about yourself, your life, the people in your lifeyou want to know the truth about life, the universe, the Earthyou want to know what happens after you dieyou are chronically sick, suffer from a disease and you are willing to work on yourself to be healthy againyou are a spiritual worker / light worker / energy worker etc. and you want to be betteryou have questions to which you haven’t been able to find answers yetyou want to access Akashic recordsyou want to dissolve your karmayou want to know about your past livesbasically, you badly need answers :)

How is it possible that ayahuasca covers all this?

It is connection to your expanded awareness, your beautiful consciousness, helping plant spirits, you can even have breakthrough experience and communicate and see god/source. The physical body is healed after the soul is healed, after the reason for illness goes away, which may be through forgiveness, love, being aware of some things…Ayahausca is the ultimate healing experience.

Everything is possible with ayahuasca. Once you are ready.


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