• Kat

Legal Status of Ayahuasca

Ayahuasca is legally done here in Peru. In some South American countries, too. There is a huge movement demanding the change of legal status across the world, the reason is the undeniable healing effects of so-called entheogens (such as ayahuasca and others). It’s been only a few years that we have youtube, facebook, internet - with these media the word about healing effects of plant medicine has spread to the point where it can’t be hidden from the public any more. There are thousands of people that received help and healing, not only from ayahuasca. he medication they were on just kept them …. on medication and sicker. We want to stress that ayahuasca is a very powerful plant medicine, working on the spiritual level, and should be legal as it addresses the cause of a disease physical or mental and removes it. You can also find healing stories on #thankyouplantmedicine


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