• Kat

Life crossroads resolved thanks to ayahuasca

Well, for a start, I asked my girlfriend to marry me and she accepted! We're having a small ceremony at home, so we're busy organising that... I'm not sure I told you, but the first nights ceremony I asked the spirits about her,

They showed me that she was pure love and had nothing but good intentions for me/us. It wasn't like a clear conversation with the spirits, more like I could feel their message. 

I think the heavy de-tox ceremonies were kinda clearing the way for me to accept her love ... I had alot of walls to break down. 

With work, I was at a crossroads.  During the ceremony I was also made to feel what actually made me happy, and I chose my path accordingly.  I'm glad I did, because a couple of weeks ago, a major accident/ incident occurred in the workplace that I could've been exposed to had I taken the other path!

My health is great - after 20 years - and I feel happy. It's funny though, I didn't realize these outcomes until I kept sharing my experiences with others. As I was talking, the realisations started popping into my head.

I have to admit, when I arrived home, it was still so unclear to me and I was a little concerned, but, after taking your advice to not listen to my head, things started to slowly materialize. It's not always easy to recognise though!


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