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Updated: Jun 17, 2019

I will talk briefly about manifestation of negative energy. You talk about positive thoughts, negative thoughts. Did you know that negative can attract more negative and if it is too much, it manifests as attachments, negative entities that we call evil spirits, demons. It’s hard to get rid of them and they make your life pretty hard.

How do they get in?

The gateway for attachment of this negative energy is common, when people say they are battling their demons it sounds like a joke but there is more truth to this than what you think. For example we receive people at the centre that have suffered great loss in their lives usually a death of a loved one. Now this is a severe impact of emotion all in one time and Demons / Evil Spirits / negative entities what ever you would like to call them are attracted to this negative emotion that you are now transmitting from this trauma.

People who suffer from a great loss will dwell on this for a long time feeding their demons which are now attached turning them towards a quick fix like alcohol / drugs which in return are a negative manifestation of energy in itself and the downward spiral begins. The longer you stay on this path the more powerful these demons become, the worse things get and your constant negative transmission that has taken over your life is now starting to bring illness or disease to your physical body.

How to get rid of demons?

Disease or physical ailment is the point when people decide to seek help - ayahuasca and us. It should be earlier but that is the reality. This is why we emphasise the importance of being able to deal with these traumas quickly. There are ways to remove these entities. You can do it yourself by turning to love and harmonious life - extremely difficult. And ayahuasca. Ayahuasca is very effective in removing these entities through ceremonies with a shaman, in physical purge. Through the physical release you release the negative energies.

Just know, there is no need to live with these things and it can be removed so you get your life back. Remember, you are not alone. Many people suffer this and witness their lives destroyed. There is a solution.


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