• Kat

Treating Depression

There is treatment for depression, the cause of depression. I don't want to go through official numbers of people on antidepressants, it will not help you. I want to give you hope - there is natural treatment for depression, anxiety, PTSD. It is ayahuasca ceremony. We have seen many people healed, lead a happy life, not just a week after ayahuasca but permanently, we still keep in touch and we regularly get updates. From suicidal people go to happy, loving, loved, married, excited about life again. What ayahuasca does is change you, change something inside of you, remove the cause of depression, remove the negative thought pattern. If you could do it yourself, you would have already done it. There is a solution for you and I am talking from experience, not a theory. All you have to do is take a week or two off and see us here in Peru. That's all it takes.



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