What can Ayahuasca heal?

We receive a lot of questions: Can ayahuasca heal XY?

Mostly, the answer is yes. It would be a no in cases that we can’t work with, such as epilepsy, autism and other disorders, they may be healed but it would be extremely difficult for these people to go through the ceremonies. In these cases, try QHHT, BQH or Quantum Touch.

How is that possible that ayahuasca can heal everything?

You have been taught or you have learnt, you have come to believe that every disease has its own unique cure. Or at least should. If you think of it, most diseases are not cured, just the symptoms are treated. As an example diabetes, you just get insuline injections. High blood pressure - you get pills and if you stop taking them, the pressure is high again. Thyroid dysfunction - if you stop taking the pills, you are in trouble again. And this goes with most diseases.

There are many wonderful books, eg. “The Secret Language of Your Body” by Inna Segal. She explains the cause of most ailments, talking about diabetes she says:

So here we have the cause of the problem and until you remove the cause, the problem will remain. Sometimes it happens that the cause has been removed and you just need to help the body with recovery (healing). You can remove the cause yourself by changing the perception, your thoughts, your mindset, etc. It’s usually a long journey of working on yourself. I dare say it is rare that you heal yourself, not that you can’t, you have the power to heal yourself! But because it takes regular practice and we - humans - fail at regular practice :)

If you have diabetes, you know that probably you need attention, you feel unworthy. Even if you tell yourself 1000x that you are worthy, it is a long journey to believe it and to feel it, to live it. What ayahuasca does, it makes you see it, feel it, totally understand it and the feeling will stick with you for the rest of your life. At the same time the physical manifestation (disease) of the spiritual problem is taken care of.

Sometimes people get healed and doctors call it spontaneous healing. WTF? It is self-healing, it is what everybody can do. Ayahuasca merely connects you with your self-healing power, she (ayahuasca spirit is a woman) connects you (the limited consciousness you) to the expanded consciousness you, to your infinite awareness, to your higher self (and other light beings or God/Source or other beings). And because your body is just a hologram, it is easily fixed - provided you have learnt the lesson or come to understand or changed your perception or released negative energy. Usually all of that. And the healing can happen instantaneously or over a period of time. There are no limits to healing. Sometimes it comes in the form of instructions. It is your free will to follow or not follow the instructions (heal or not heal).

Ayahuasca is the connector to your unlimited healing power. The only requirement is: you must want healing badly, from your heart. A lot of people say they want to be healthy but in fact they like the attention sick people get and they like the feeling of victimhood, they identify with their disease and without it, they would have to redefine themselves. It’s tough. If you do want a life without diseases, ayahuasca is there for you.

In your mind certain problems or diseases are huge and untreatable or would require a long time and a lot of effort to heal. From the perspective of your expanded awareness or your spiritual guides or your higher self, it is all at the same level of easy :) Believing is seeing and there is no difference between a small and a big miracle. We witness miracles daily administering ayahusaca to people seeking profound change in their lives.

Kat Townes

Spiritual Guide and Healer


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