Chiric Sanango or Ucho Sanango (or both) are Master Plants, teachers, very strong spirits. Shamans in the Amazon do Sanango diets to become stronger shamans. The reason why Sanango diet benefits you is cleansing you on the energy level, it heals you also on the physical level - as a combination of limited food (mostly fish/rice/green bananas plantains). You will be in your cabin alone with the support of our 3 shamans, it is your chance to meditate / contemplate about your life, the changes you would like to make. You will feel weak physically but strong in the end. 

This diet is highly beneficial, you can do it in any retreat length except for 5 days, there is always limited number of ayahusaca as you usually won't wish to combine the two. After the Sanango diet (drinking Sanango) you still stick to the diet for a specified number of days.


You can do other plant diets in Lupuna Ayahuasca Center, such as bobinsana, ajo sacha, etc. - it all depends on what you need or wish.

You can do them in 8 day and longer retreats.